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VoIP Services You Can Trust

Our mission is to provide the best VoIP solution in the market at a competitive price

Why VoIP?

Out with time-consuming line installations and in with leveraging your existing infrastructure.
All you need for our solution is a internet connection and a VoIP phone or computer.

The Benefits for Your Business

Our accessible and user-friendly solution makes it easy for you to make use of a host of features that may cost a fortune elsewhere.

You can add or remove features as your needs evolve offering you full control of your own package.


Packages starting as low as R75 per month.

Custom packages for enterprise solutions are available upon request .

Please see below for our default package offers.


Due to the high customization options in our packages and solution offers please contact us for a free quote.

Why VoIP vs Traditional landlines

More reliant and cost effective + you’re always online

VoIP can be divided into more than one section for use: it is the perfect solution for the user at the home with one line -or multiple business lines with a switchboard system.
There is no need to break the bank for home or business because no line installations need to take place.
All you need is a VoIP phone (which we can supply) and a network connection point. It’s that simple.

Technically speaking:

Hosted PABX (which provides enhanced PBX features through automation) replaces the complexity of typical PBX systems, offering a simple yet effective telephone solution that can be customized to your specific business requirements.

Benefits should be for you

You get what you pay for. 
Our approach to the market is giving the you the client full control over what it is you are paying for every month with a user-friendly interface that gives you easy accessibility to VoIP.
Why pay for features you may not need?

  • Call recordings in the cloud
  • Follow me calls-roaming extentions
  • Inter-branch calling
  • Customizing own anounshments
  • Automatic cellphone failover when not availible
  • Making mobile phone a extention
  • Custom outbound Caller ID
  • ¬†Callcentring availible
  • Pin code dailing
  • Conferencing calls with outbound joining

And more.


Experience the latest in enterprise communication technology .

With our solution it’s a matter of plugging in any VoIP phone into your current network environment and simply let the system do the rest.



Simplicity with user-friendly functionalities and interfaces.

When your business is scaling

Add or remove features and extensions as your business needs evolve- with minimum impact and maximum productivity.

Our system can be customized to your business as needs arise.

Hosted PBX can also be used for multi branch businesses, with integrated free inter-branch calls- a solution used by SME businesses & enterprises.

Mobile Call Rate

All national mobile calls flat rate at 79c per minute

Local Call Rate

All national local calls flat rate at 45c per minute

Discounts and Perks

1000 minutes used = 5% total discount

2000 minutes used = 10% total discount

5000 minutes used = 15% total discount

Free inter-branch calling

Free calls Computerfurn to Computerfurn

Additional benefits can be added on request:


Call centering
Integrated mail
Customized white labeling portals
Custom announcements
Video conferencing
Pin-code dialing
Call via Computer


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